Protecting YOU through excellence

This lady did NOT call me for her home inspection! Kidding aside, you really have to
be very careful who you use.

Mike Holmes & and his son are amazing guys. I've watched them for years. They have the
courage to acknowledge there are problem people in their industry, the home inspection
industry, as well as the real estate industry in general. They have little to no tolerance for it.
Thankfully, they are in a unique position to educate the public about these things and it is
making a difference. It encourages me to do the same, because I share their values.

The "WHY" you should consider using me begins with a brief education on some of the
problems here- and how I differ from many of my competitors.
The home inspection industry is
NOT regulated in Hawaii. There are no licensing requirements. There is no supervision. That
means anyone can call themselves a home inspector.
Like any industry, we have the good
apples and the rotten ones. The bad ones cause problems for everyone. They hurt people
when they do a poor quality inspection or if they work against bettering the industry- and they
understandably anger otherwise good Realtors, when they miss important things or when
deals fall apart for all the wrong reasons. And honestly, I'm tired of viewing poor quality home
inspection reports- especially where I reinspect the same property, and find major problems
others missed.

Here are some of the things going on here on Oahu in respect to some other home
inspectors- based on my own experience, discussions with peers, ongoing feedback from
Realtors, and how I differ. It bears mentioning, as again the industry is not regulated here:

DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING: Some inspectors here have claimed certification on cards
or brochures, when in fact they are not even a member of the particular organization.
This is a violation, and unethical. Some left the organization and have not updated
websites and cards; some were never members. Everything I advertise is accurate.   

RUSHED, SUPERFICIAL INSPECTIONS: I understand some home inspectors on Oahu
are spending less than 2 hours inspecting houses I would spend 4+ hours on. That
does not mean I'm slow, or "too thorough". Quite the contrary: It means they rushed,
glossed over things, and yes- probably missed things. You'll never catch me doing that.
I spend as long as it takes to do the job right.

SKIPPING VERY IMPORTANT THINGS: Some inspectors do not operate the
appliances like ranges, ovens, washers/dryers, disposals, etc. Some do not look inside
the electrical panels. Realtors and Clients tell me many do not even remove a simple
access cover to inspect a water heater, citing liability. That is ridiculous, sure sign of a
lazy, lousy inspector. The HAHI Standards require the inspector to inspect permanently
installed appliances, as well as the interior components of electrical panels and sub
panels. My inspections meet, and usually exceed the HAHI Standards.

UNRELATED BACKGROUND: Some inspectors / inspection company leadership had
no construction or renovation experience prior to entering the industry. While the
"essence" of the trade can be learned from a book, I believe you are far better off with
an inspector who has a rich, diverse related background, who has actual experience. I
have extensive experience, both before and during my career as a professional home
inspector. Learn more about my background here.

NOT CERTIFIED, OR ONLINE CERTIFICATION: Many inspectors here are either not
certified, or they obtained their "certification" via online testing. As for me, I passed the
National Home Inspectors (supervised) exam. I was a Member of ASHI, for years. I'm the
President of HAHI, the Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors, and Master Level. I set
the high standards, and I'm the author of the examinations, Standards and Code of

NO PRICES ON THEIR WEBSITE: Some Oahu inspection companies don't show any
prices on their websites. That means they can charge you whatever they feel like, at any
given time. Any competent, experienced home inspector / home inspection company
should be able to list and price all common property types on their website. I have
always published my prices, with the exception of those few extraordinary 5000+ sq. ft.
properties, which can vary tremendously. You can shop my company 24/7 and know
exactly what my pricing is for all typical property types.

NO REFUND POLICY: Some make no mention of a refund policy, let alone any
commitment to Client protection. Hawaii's consumers deserve better. Don't hire anyone
who does not have a fair, full refund policy. I wrote and published the best Consumer
Pledge on Oahu from a home inspection company.

ILL-PREPARED INSPECTORS: Some inspectors are showing up at condominium
buildings with absolutely NO tools, or just a screwdriver. I come prepared for every
inspection, with a wide selection of tools to do the job right.

INTEGRITY ISSUES: Some inspectors will inspect anything you send their way,
regardless of condition, and regardless of the Client changing their mind mid way
through. I have actually declined to inspect some homes, because of poor condition. On
others, I have given the Client the option to proceed or stop, and adjust my fee
accordingly. In both scenarios, Clients thank me for looking out for them. I have
inspected as many as four houses for a buyer, until they found one they could live with.

LACK OF PROFESSIONAL IMAGE: Some of Oahu's inspectors seem to care very little
about appearance. This ranges from arriving in beat up vehicles, no websites (or very
incomplete websites), low quality or very outdated report formats, or personal
appearance issues. It is hard to take these folks seriously, and it is my belief that having
a less than professional image will carry into the quality of work and product provided. I
continually set the bar high for others and lead by example.

this, I say do not hire them. The home inspector works for the Client, not the other way
around. A home inspection is the only opportunity a Buyer may have to spend some
quality time in the home before closing, and it can be very educational. I have to wonder
what others are afraid of in not wanting the Client there (until maybe the end). I think
some just want to rush through and get onto the next one, or, they don't want anyone
questioning them along the way. Regardless, I have always welcomed my Clients for my
entire inspection, and have made some good friends along the way. I have nothing to
hide, and enjoy working with people.

NOT RETURNING CALLS OR EMAILS: Although this can be a sign of a busy inspector,
it is more likely the sign of an unprofessional, disorganized, non-caring one. I return all
calls and email promptly.
More ways I help you:

  1. Above all, you want the job to be done right.
  2. You want to know if there are any readily-accessible defects or safety concerns.
  3. You want to confirm claims made by advertisements, Sellers, or Realtors about the
  4. You want to enjoy your new home, not hate it, pour unexpected money into it.
  5. You don't have "money to burn", and care about protecting your investment.
  6. You want to get your best deal, even in "AS-IS" purchases.
  7. You may not have the skills, experience, or objectivity to see the real problems.
  8. You want your family and visitors to be as safe as possible.
  9. You are interested in learning as much as possible about your selection.
  10. You don't want to end up with a problem home you might have difficulty selling later.
  11. Your Realtor (like most these days) will encourage it, and for good reason. If you do not
    elect to have it done, you'll most likely be required to sign a waiver. Think about it!

Wouldn't it be just wonderful if:

  • Homes were always advertised accurately and honesty.
  • MLS listings always showed the correct year built- not the "effective year built" which is
    not the original year built; this can make the home look newer than it really is.
  • Sellers disclosures were complete, current and accurate.
  • People who have knowledge of problems outside the written disclosure always
    disclosed it.
  • Sellers and Realtors always disclosed (without having to ask) when previous home
    inspections have been performed for the current listing.  
  • Every Realtor on Oahu referred us to their Buyers.
  • Sellers properly updated disclosures after inspections, when deals fall through.
  • Homes were always well built, with quality materials, and properly maintained.
  • Homeowners, contractors and sub-contractors didn't rush or cut corners during
  • New construction, additions and renovations were always fully permitted where
    required, and were actually inspected by municipal inspectors for code compliance.
  • Everyone could be trusted.
  • Tax records were updated more often to reflect changes, additions, etc.  
  • Hawaii had regulation in place for home inspectors like most states do.

Smart Buyers protect themselves through education, and researching major purchases
thoroughly first. They entrust those with experience in areas where they do not have the
experience themselves. They do not pay top dollar for something that needs thousands of
dollars in immediate repairs. Simply put, smart Buyers have a plan and are not influenced by
market or other pressures. They only buy when they have found the best home for them.
They stay in charge, and have home inspections performed. They know a home inspection is
not a warranty, but having it done just might prevent disaster. They also know having a
professional home inspection by a seasoned inspector is money well spent.

-Wayne Blackburn
"There are a lot of pretenders
out there, pretending to be
something they are not. In
this case, I call it a protender".

-Mike Holmes, Jr.
Son of HGTV's Mike Holmes"

A real estate professional
suggested Wayne
knowledgeable home
inspector.  We feel lucky.  
Wayne impressed me
from start to finish.  He
spent 5 +  hours combing
through our prospective
residence from the crawl
space to the roof top and
everywhere in between.  
He probed, tested and
examined all of the
systems, appliances, and
conditions in the house.  
He provided a 17-page
narrative list with 132
items/issues for us to
consider before we
proceeded w the
transaction.  It was
thorough.  A few of the
problematic electrical and
plumbing issues were not
obvious and we would not
have discovered.  He also
provided a binder with
color photos taken from
his remote-controlled
drone.  V. cool and helpful
to see from numerous
aerial perspectives.  When
he was done, he sat down
and explained the good,
the bad and the ugly in an
unhurried conversation.  I
highly recommend him.   

Stuart F