More than qualified
Proud heritage

My Dad was an Air Force Pilot and graduated from Georgia
Tech with a degree in engineering. He and his Brother started in
the paint business, and later became prominent land
developers from 1957-2001. They developed several high-end
residential subdivisions, and a major shopping mall. Neat stuff.

Needless to say, I developed an early interest in these things. I
visited the sites as a kid, watching them rise from the ground up.
I was that curious kid who studied every house they built near
my home. I probably I drove the workers crazy with all my
questions, that is when they were not yelling at me to get out of
the attic! My Grandfather (on my Dad's side) started a major
lumber company.
My Dad, Bill Blackburn, opening his third subdivision,1963
President Harry S. Truman  awards my Grandfather,
Maj. General Robert B. Landry one of his stars.
I assure my Clients unbiased, objective inspection services and I back it up with the best
written Pledge you will find in Hawaii. I spend as long as it takes on each property, and
generate a report you can actually understand. I have inspected Oahu's most humble homes
up to its finest including the 10,000 sq. ft. William Weinberg Estate on Kahala Avenue (sold
for $17.5M in late 2004 when I inspected it, then $29M not too long after that), as well as
homes for VIPs and celebrities. No Professional Home Inspector in Hawaii will do a better job
for you. Many will provide lower level of service. To maintain the level of quality and service I
insist on, I perform every inspection personally. Hire me and you will know exactly what you
are buying or selling. Follow my advice, and chances are you will enjoy your home. I will point
out your homes assets and its liabilities. My company name "Inspector Homes" implies
detective work by design.

My early interest in cars lead me to become an auto mechanic in high school, then to the automotive aftermarket
parts business where I climbed the corporate ladder. I spent years in automotive retail/wholesale management in the
1980's. I ultimately became the Purchasing Manager at a 100,000 sq. ft. distribution center, which supplied 40 auto
parts outlets. It was also my responsibility to train over 300 employees in customer service, and during computer
changeovers. I'm still a car guy today, and have a passion for 1960's & 1970's muscle cars.
My Grandparents and Mom arrive at "Hickam Airfield" before
the attack on Pearl Harbor.11/20/40. A Japanese maid
saved my Moms life during the attack, by hiding her under
the stairs.
The Hawaii connection: My Grandfather Major General Robert B. Landry (pictured below, left) on my Moms side
was President Truman's personal Air Force Aide, (or Aide For Air back then), the first to serve a U.S. President. He
and my Mom were stationed at Hickam AFB / Pearl Harbor where he was one of the Commanders during the 1941
attack (Executive Officer of the Hawaiian Interceptor Command at Honolulu). They all survived. He was President
Truman's Personal Air Force Advisor throughout WW2 and retired a Major General.
Construction Background & Experience

My skills are the result of real world experience. They are something you can't get online, or
from a textbook. I have considerable new construction & renovation experience, ranging from
framing, plumbing, drywall, trim carpentry, tile and hardwood installations, roofing, kitchen
and bath design, on the mainland and in my early days On Oahu. I am quite familiar with code
requirements as a result of these projects. The very first home I fully rewired got high praise
from the city inspector, telling me "great job" and calling my work "meticulous".

I was honored to be one of the Construction Managers during the delicate renovation of a
unique National Historic Landmark, The Palace Of Florence. This 1926 apartment building
(PICTURED ABOVE) required extreme attention to detail, something I really enjoy. I
performed on-site drafting to accommodate the ever changing designs, audited contractors
work prior to municipal inspections, and researched historic elements to facilitate an accurate
renovation. My efforts, and the efforts of our team were instrumental in obtaining National
Landmark designation, something I am very proud of. Visit
Gaspar Properties Inc. to view this
wonderful old building, and several other neat ones I personally managed.  

My heart has always leaned toward self employment. These experiences helped me get
there, and continue to guide me as a businessman today.  


I relocated to Oahu in late 2001 and set the stage for my company "Inspector Homes, Inc." I
surveyed Realtors and studied competitors, jumping in with both feet with the goal of
providing the very best home inspection services available. It did not take long to become well
versed with the unique circumstances regarding Hawaii's construction, ranging from
economical single-wall construction, homes precariously built on slopes, behind the times
codes, and many inexcusable quality related issues. Couple this with my previous
experiences, you can be assured I know where to look, and what to look for. My personality,
professionalism, and extremely detailed services were welcomed with opened arms here on
Oahu. And for 8.5 years, I helped countless people understand their new homes.

2010-Late 2014

After an astonishing 8.5 year run as full time inspector on Oahu, I relocated out of a sense of
adventure to Vancouver, BC Canada in early 2010 where I obtained my Real Estate Sales
and Property Management licenses. I excelled in both fields, even won a major sales award
my very first year for reaching just under $10M in sales. Great experience.

I missed Hawaii as well as being a Professional Home Inspector, so I decided to head back to
Honolulu in late 2014 to resume a career I truly loved. Go figure- people continued to request
my services on Oahu, even after being away from Oahu for almost 5 years. That's quite a
compliment and I'm very happy to be back Oahu with even more experience and valuable
insight to help my Clients. Realtors I've worked with are delighted about my return. Today, I
continue to practice full time, and remain the go-to for trusted home inspection services for
Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Profes
sional. But I didn't stop there! Read on.

It gets even better

I'm also a licensed Real Estate Agent here on Oahu, which means those who list or buy
through me benefit tremendously from my experience as a home inspector. Advantages
include the very best in home preparation, to helping buyers avoid problem properties as we
view them.

Obviously, I don't offer to inspect homes for those who buy through me as it would be a
conflict of interest. However, I can certainly share my experience as we view homes. I also
have a far better capability to deal with inspection-related issues, when a buyer's inspector
comes along. Similarly, I only refer the best, most professional and ethical home inspectors
available to buyers. And my Realtor peers need not worry about me stealing their Clients. The
Client should choose whomever they are comfortable with.

I'm also leading the way to require licensing and regulation for my industry, despite the best
efforts of some anti-regulation inspectors in my industry. The State of Hawaii is now officially
interested in pursuing it and regulation is likely within the next two years.

Hundreds of people have trusted me annually with their home inspection needs. They have
sent their friends, family members & clients to me, and Realtors who appreciate my
thoroughness and honesty often call me when they are buying a home for themselves. When
you love what you do, it tends to show in your work.

Quinn Mitchell and Larry Rushing, mainland custom home builders, were the ones who
suggested back in the mid 90's that I become a Professional Home Inspector originally.
Thanks guys! You really inspired me with your unparalleled home-building and renovation
skills, and high degree of professionalism.

Best Regards, Wayne
My listings get what they deserve. Borrowed a new Bentley for this one.                                1st year sales award. Almost $10M in sales.
I bought this 1969 GTO Judge in San Jose California in 1986 for $6500
and drove it cross-country back to Florida. A good friend of mine owns
now. A real Judge, and a numbers matching original engine car. It's
worth $100,000 today!
My most recent classic- a 1975 Corvette roadster. I bought it
from the second owner, who had owned it here since 1979. An
original Oahu, HI Corvette. Finished it and sold it recently.

Aloha! Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm a residential specialist with several thousand
fee-paid Professional Home Inspections under my belt.  
I grew up around the construction industry as the son
of a prominent mainland 35-year career Commercial &
Residential Land Developer. I have significant
hands-on experience in every major system in
residential construction & renovation, which means
when I have a concern it is valid and reliable. I'm a
past-Member of the American Society of Home
Inspectors (ASHI) and achieved top rank of ASHI
Certified Inspector. I started the Hawaii Association of
Home Inspectors after I departed ASHI outgrowing