Contact & Ordering
Contact Wayne Blackburn at 808-393-7939 to check scheduling and to verify pricing.

Buyers, please order your inspection the moment your offer is accepted to insure you have
adequate time to have it performed and to deal with any significant findings.


Phone: 808-393-7939


Inspector Homes, LLC
ATT: Wayne Blackburn
1541 Dominis Street Suite 1901
Honolulu, HI 96822
Buyers, if you cannot attend the inspection, I will need you to sign my contract prior to the
start of the inspection. Please review it, and date / sign it and return scan-email.

  • Payment is due at the time of inspection.


I will show up as scheduled. Sorry, I do not offer to arrange access or times with Sellers,
tenants, etc; This is the duty of the Buyer, or Agent.

  1. I request a minimum 48-hour cancellation.
  2. To cancel, please contact me at 1-808-393-7939 directly, or leave a detailed message.
    Do not cancel via fax or email.
  3. For cancellations of 24 hours or less, or if utilities are off, or if conditions do not permit
    the inspection: A $150.00 cancellation fee will apply and will be billed to the ordering
    party or escrow.
  4. No shows: If I receive a written order and begin / perform my inspection, and later learn
    it was forgotten by an Agent, the wrong house, or the Buyers changed their mind, etc.,
    the full inspection fee will be billed to the ordering party or escrow.
  5. Double orders: If we receive and order and show up and so does another Home
    Inspector, and no one has properly cancelled our services, our full fee will be billed to
    the ordering party or escrow, regardless of who does the Inspection. Cancellation fees
    will be billed, or waived at our discretion.