HAHI- The Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors (HAHI) is the finest organization a
Professional Home Inspector in Hawaii can belong to. The Standards of Practice and Code
of Ethics are superior to any national home inspector organization, making your use of a
HAHI Inspector a much safer bet.

HAHI Membership is open to Professional Home Inspectors in Hawaii of good character.
They may apply, regardless of national organization affiliation. Applicants must be
professional, ethical and honest and agree to satisfy the high standards of entry,
membership and examination. Certification levels require passing the supervised HAHI
Exam (unless exempted), as well as passing marks on supervised real, fee paid
inspections. Not everyone will be accepted. HAHI is not a cash-grab. It is a place for those
who seek excellence.

Wayne Blackburn of Inspector Homes LLC is a top-level MASTER-designated Inspector,
and President HAHI. He is the author of the SOP, COE and exams, and has far surpassed
the Master designation requirements. He is leading the way for the regulation of home
inspectors here in Hawaii, and because of his efforts, it is likely to occur in the next two

If you have any questions about HAHI, please contact Wayne Blackburn at 808-393-7939.

Prior to starting HAHI, Wayne Blackburn was a Member of ASHI (American Society of Home
Inspectors) from 2002-2010. He passed the NHI (National Home Inspectors Exam) and
reached top-level ASHI Certified Inspector status. Wayne left ASHI on good terms in 2010
when he moved to Vancouver Canada, where he was a licensed Realtor and Property
Wayne returned to Hawaii in January 2015 and reopened this company (Inspector Homes
LLC), and rejoined ASHI for one more year (2015-2016). He left ASHI on good terms again,
and started HAHI- so he could pursue the controversial undertaking of asking the State of
Hawaii to require licensing and regulation for home inspectors- just as 33 other States have
already put in place.

HAHI allows its Members to be licensed Realtors, as long as they conduct themselves under
very strict guidelines. They can lose their real estate license and HAHI Membership if they do
not. HAHI is a forward thinking organization and will not prevent its Members from using talents
in other professions-
as long as they maintain separation where conflict of interest may be
Consumers and Realtors need to know that Wayne Blackburn assures full separation
between his profession as a Professional Home Inspector, and Realtor.

Since ASHI Bylaws do not permit Members to be active licensed Realtors (as Wayne also is),
Wayne cannot hold Membership in ASHI as they are now enforcing this policy. While clearly a
flawed policy for those who operate honestly and ethically, Wayne respects this position. ASHI
cannot supervise Members locally, as HAHI can so it is understandable.