HAHI (Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors)

Originally registered 23 years ago back in 1994, today's Hawaii Association of Home Inspectors (HAHI) is the
finest organization a Professional Home Inspector could align themselves with here in Hawaii- even
nationally, when compared to the two remaining popular organizations. It is a superior alternative to the
widely accepted national Standards, entry requirements, testing, continued education, and more. HAHI will do
for Hawaii what national organizations and their Chapters have been unable to. Using a HAHI Member /
Certified Inspector is a huge advantage for those wanting the very best in Professional Home Inspection.

HAHI is open to ALL resident registered Professional Home Inspectors in Hawaii, regardless of national
organization affiliation. However, applicants must agree to (and satisfy) the high standards of entry,
membership and examination. Certification levels require passing the supervised HAHI Exam, as well as
passing marks on supervised real, fee paid inspections. Neither of the 2 popular national organizations
require this. HAHI is more along the lines of what those states with the wisdom to regulate home inspectors

Wayne Blackburn of Inspector Homes LLC is a top-level MASTER-designated Inspector, and President HAHI.
He is the author of the SOP, COE and exams, and has far surpassed the Master designation requirements.

From the HAHI President: Consumers in Hawaii needed better protection.

After more than 10 years with ASHI (The American Society of Home Inspectors)- after passing the National
Home Inspectors Exam, and after reaching their top rank as ASHI Certified Inspector early on in my career, I
found myself repeatedly disappointed and limited by continued membership with ASHI- and decided Hawaii
deserved something better. I elected not to renew with ASHI for 2017, which allowed me up to develop a
tough NEW organization, to serve interested inspectors here in Hawaii. But not just any organization would do.

While ASHI is the oldest, most recognized organization of home inspectors, membership with ASHI limited
what I could do to better the industry in Hawaii. I just did not find the level of care from this organization, and
was astonished by its lack of care. Add to that repeated failures by a local Chapter ASHI to organize and help
the industry. I also realized over time (as I grew as an inspector) that the Standards and Code of Ethics from
ASHI are severely lacking. I view them more like minimum code standards in construction, rather than a
suitable high standard for the home inspection industry. That means things can always be done better.

I also believe that the National Home Inspectors Examination (used by ASHI for certification) is not what is
needed to properly evaluate the knowledge of a would be home inspector. It is severely lacking on
appropriate practical field knowledge, and completely on ethics. Further, ASHI's recent absorption of the
membership from the now-defunct NAHI organization concerns me tremendously, as it further waters down
the organization in my opinion. Being the largest is not always the best. Just ask any large company who
grew too quickly- if they are still in business that is.

In the past, politics, personalities and communication issues prevented the success of a viable organization
of home inspectors here in Hawaii. I know, I was part of it- and tried my best more than once to help the
cause. But I discovered (and decided that structurally), there was no way to achieve success- given the
players and the problems.

They say you can write your own ticket when you've been doing something long enough, so I chose to do
exactly that to raise the standard here in Hawaii.

Tragedy sparks change: After the devastating fire at the Marco Polo Condominium, I immediately mandated
considerable additional language for the HAHI Standards of practice, on top of the numerous existing safety
items, to notify buyers of the absence of fire sprinklers in buildings that do not feature them. It is designed to
heighten awareness, and is full of safety tips. HAHI is the only professional home inspector organization in
the United States that I am aware of, the takes client safety to this level. We will continue to do our part to keep
Hawaii's Buyers safe- even if it is unpopular with some.

Visit HAHI.org for more information.

-Wayne Blackburn